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New book "A Town called Penury" will be release soon... More...



he Academy of Communication and Media Education is an Indian Non Government Organisation started by senior professional journalists interested in training and teaching in the field of journalism, led by Mr. Someswar Rao Bhagwat, also the Director of ACME with over 45 years of experience in various branches of journalism and over a decade of teaching. 

New Book Anouncement: A Town called Penury

Services provided by ACME through this website include – Three Rs and an A – ReadResponse, Recruitment and A.S.K.

ACME has launched four groups which will operate through this website:

National Forum of Mass Communications Students will bring together Mass Communications / Journalism students from all over the country to discuss issues of common interest, benefit by exchanging ideas and raise standards.

National Forum of Mass-Communications Teachers (Nafomt) can share experiences, deliberate on common problems and enhance academic levels and suggestions from journalism educators on alternate name  and activities are welcome.

Indian Journalists’ Committee for Press Freedom will bring into focus all cases of threats to freedom of the Indian press / mass media. A database on court cases and regulations involving Press freedom can be built up.

Indian Committee of Concerned Journalists is proposed to provide a platform for journalists taking up the profession as a mission to achieve social goals.

 ACME has published a book,  ‘Journalism: Ethics, Codes, Laws’ by  its director B. Someswar Rao

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